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Welcome to the Matrix

 If you're tired of flying in the confines of a 4-place airplane, the 6-place piston single Piper Matrix will expand your horizons. As the pilot, you'll experience the privacy and comfort of a cabin-class airplane and the Matrix's unpressurized simplicity, while your passengers enjoy the luxurious space of the cabin-class Matrix.
 If you and your passengers have been limited to flying 4-place airplanes, the Piper Matrix will impress everyone. With an aft airstair door entrance, a central aisle in the cabin, a work station with individual reading lights, a power supply for a laptop and both internal and external baggage storage, your flying takes on a different level of sophistication and comfort.
 With the largest cabin in its class, not only is the Piper Matrix a more comfortable way to travel, it also offers no compromises concerning performance and capability.  213 ktas, 1345 nm at longe range cruise. 25,000 ft operating altitude and Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) approved.
  The world of flying 4-place airplanes is a thing of the past with the Piper Matrix.
Specifications & Equipment
  Max Cruising Speed   213 ktas   395 km/h
  Range with 45 Minute Reserve   1,343 nm   2,491 km
  Standard Useful Load   1,389 lbs   630 kg
  Number of Seats   6   6
  Maximum Operating Altitude   25,000 ft   7,620 m
  Engine   637 м  Lycoming Dual Turbocharged TIO-540-AE2A, 350 hp
  Wing Span   43 ft   13.1 m
  Length   28.9 ft   8.8 m
  Height   11.3 ft   3.4 m
  Cabin Length   148 in   375.9 cm
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