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Piper M600

 The next generation of Piper Aircraft has arrived. Meet the M600, the all new, powerful turbine with 600 shaft horsepower. Unprecedented range, uncompromised performance, and signature safety define the M600.
The all-glass Garmin G3000 avionics package is the most advanced safety equipment available today. The touchscreen-controlled flight deck combines functionality, reliability, and safety.
Sleek lines and conscious curves come together to create evolutionary form and unmatched aesthetics in aviation. From cabin to cockpit, the interior has been completely transformed. The M600 is fashioned in elegance, with newly redesigned plush leather seating and luxurious accents throughout, cultivating a new level of sophistication.
Specifications & Equipment
  Maximum Cruising Speed   260 ktas   482 km/h
  Range with 45 Minute Reserve   1300 nm   2407 km
  Standard Useful Load   2400 lbs   1089 kg
  Number of Seats   6   6
  Maximum Approved Altitude   30,000 ft   9,144 m
  Engine   Pratt & & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A, 600 shp
  Wing Span   43,2 ft   13.2
  Length   29.8 ft   8.9 m
  Height   11.4 ft   3.4 m
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