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Piper Arrow

In case your students are ready for greater energy output and going to apply for CPL, they need Piper Arrow , the only complex trainer available for purchase direct from an OEM.
Thousands are in service around the world, so your choice of the Piper Arrow for your training needs is a wise one.
Specifications & Equipment
  Cruise Speed, 75% power   137 ktas   254 km/h
  Range with 45 Minute Reserve   880 nm   1.630km
  Standard Useful Load   960 lbs   437 kg
  Number of Seats    4   4
  Service Ceiling   16.200 ft   4.983 m
  Engine   Lycoming IO-360-C1C6   200 hp
  Wing Span   35.4 ft   10.8 m
  Length     24.7 ft   7.5 m
  Height   7.9 ft   2.4 m