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  Dear ladies and gentlemen! Company Simavia is glad to inform you that we are carrying out the plan on creation of the general aviation service centers in Russia. We have passed a hard and long way and have made a significant reserve for the future development of the given branch. For rather short existence of our company, to aviation measures, we have created the technical staff, having a wide experience in service of aviation technics, competent and responsible experts in aircrafts, engines and radio-electronic equipment. Our engineers have passed theoretical and a training practical course with engines Rotax, Lycoming, Continental in licensed aviation educational center "Rustechnician" and have certificates and admissions for operative and periodic service of aircrafts. Actually being the initiator, company Simavia has spent intensive process of certification and the approval by Russian Aviation Authorities of aviation training center "SIMCOM" (USA) recommended by Piper aircrafts inc. for training of the aviation stuff. Our employees from Krasnodar and St.-Petersburg have passed courses on technical operation of planes Piper PA-28,32,34,44,46 and Piper Meridian PA-46-500TP with turbo prop engine Pratt& Whitney PT-6-42A in January 2012. Knowing all details of operation of foreign and Russian aircrafts in Russia and with experience during foreign training we will present the European level of maintenance service in our services centers.

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